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Homes with Suzie is a property management company founded by Syuzanna Harutyunyan – a seasoned real estate professional who once started as a real estate investor.

Sometime later, Syuzanna decided to change her profile and expand her operations – from real estate investing to residential property services. And that’s when she successfully got her certification as a real estate sales representative and established Homes with Suzie.

Currently, Homes with Suzie assists clients in buying, selling, and leasing residential and commercial properties.

The team successfully grows the customer base by counseling clients on market conditions and developing competitive market prices for property management services.

Syuzanna is a high-touch sales representative known for her extensive market knowledge and a strong commitment to her clients. Her success is almost entirely based on positive feedback and referrals. She earns her clients’ respect by working diligently on their behalf and always providing sound advice when needed.

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The company’s core values are quality, integrity, and care. The utmost customer-orientedness that the company has adopted ensures that the services are provided on the highest level possible – valuing clients’ time and money. With Homes with Suzie, you can rely on the absolute honesty and deep expertise, as well as love and care with which our business operates – turning business relationships into long-lasting customer loyalty and bond!

The company’s team keeps growing, and the team is always happy to welcome new people to its friendly, warm family!

Founder, Real Estate Agent

Syuzanna Harutyunyan

Syuzanna is the founder of the company. With her deep expertise and knowledge, she helps her clients buy, lease or sell properties in the shortest time possible. Syuzanna ensures that her clients get the best offer available in the market.

CMO, Marketing Strategist

Marianna Martirosyan

Marianna is the chief marketing officer of the company. She ensures that the marketing objectives are met successfully! Moreover, the company offers branding and marketing services, which are led and guided by Marianna.

Operations Manager

Mesrop Chilingaryan

Mesrop is the operations manager of this property management company. He keeps his finger on the pulse of the events and makes sure that all the administrative, operational and management functions are smoothly running.

Web Developer

Ararat Simonyan

Ararat is an expert developer! He keeps the website alive and takes care of all the technical aspects of our business operations! Moreover, Homes with Suzie offers website creation services, which are provided and supervised by Ararat.

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